Ken Farmer AGAvA

HMS Peacock - Royal Navy Patrol Ship

The model was constructed to 1:48 scale using a Sirmar semi kit.  The pictures show her sailing on Hove Lagoon near Brighton.

There were five ships of this class deployed in the Hong Kong Squadron of the Royal Navy. They joined the Royal Navy service between 1983 and 1984 and were specifically designed for the 6th Patrol Craft Squadron for use in tropical climates. They were fully air conditioned and were capable of remaining at sea during typhoons. They could carry divers and a decompression chamber as well as equipment to recover vessels and aircraft. They could carry two Avon Searider SR5M rigid hull inflatable boats and a small detachment of Royal Marines. HMS Peacock was sold to the Phillipine Navy in 1997 after Hong Kong was returned to China.